Saturday, August 10, 2021
In Land O’ Lakes and Watersmeet

Wilderness Lakes Trails and the Forest Lake Country Store have organized a weekend of bicycling, beer tasting and outdoor activities in Land O’ Lakes Friday and Saturday August 9th and 10th.  Ride with Leinie benefits Wilderness Lakes Trails, Inc. providing funds to help pay for maintainence of our 40-mile trail system.

New for the 2019 event will be the addition of a 14-mile ride through the trails at Conserve School. Long ago, these trails were gravel, logging roads and the students now use the trails for cross-country skiing and biking.

Friday evening from 4:30 to 7:30, the Forest Lake Country Store will host a traditional “Wisconsin Shore Lunch Fish Fry”.  Bring your family and friends and enjoy a fish fry in the fresh outdoor air of the Northwoods.

Saturday’s events will begin with a choice of three bike rides, available to provide riders an option based on their biking experience: 

  • A 12-mile ride beginning at 11:00 a.m., led by Dick Leinenkugel, will be along rustic roads and showcases the 3.2-mile section of the bike trail completed in 2012.
  • A 14-mile ride along the gravel trails at Conserve School begins at 10:00 a.m. 
  • A 38-mile ride around the Sylvania Wilderness Area passes through the towns of Watersmeet and Land O’ Lakes utilizing paved roads and trails.  An optional ride will route riders through the 12-mile, totally forested Agonikak National Recreation Trail .  The Agonikak Trail is not recommended for road bikes.  This ride will begin at 9 a.m. 

Please note the change in ride times from previous years.

All rides will begin and end at the Forest Lake Country Store, located at 6256 County B (corner of County B and Forest Lake Road).

Additionally, Sylvania Outfitters will offer rides on one and two seat Quadracycles specially made for our Northwoods trails.  Quadracycles are more stable than conventional or 3-wheel bikes and have 21 independent speeds. Quadracycles are a great way to start your cycling adventure!

A Leinenkugel beer tasting and brat lunch, featuring “Trig’s Smokehouse Worlds Best Brats" will begin at noon. Alternate beverages and hot dogs will also be available.   

For a $35 registration fee you can enjoy an activity-filled day at the Forest Lake Country Storebike ride, quadracycle ride, Leinenkugel beer tastings, Trig's brat lunch and a chance to win some great prizes, including a Trek bicycle, a Malibu paddle board and "Leinenkugel" Old Town canoe.  All participants who have registered before July 30th will receive a complimentary t-shirt in the color and size of their choice.

All of the rides are self-guided and each rider is required to wear an ANSI- approved helmet.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.

For additional information, please call 715-547-6323 or email