Our mission is to establish a world-class bicycling and hiking trail system that will provide unique access to our area’s pristine lakes and forests, abundant wildlife, and remarkably fresh air.

Wilderness Lakes Trails, Inc. (WLT) will act as an advocate for the Wilderness Lakes Trail, a series of non-motorized bicycling and walking trails connecting the town of Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin and the town of Watersmeet, Michigan and as a liaison among bikers, walkers, and other pedestrian trail users and all bodies of local, county, state, and federal government and other trail groups such as snowmobile clubs, in matters affecting the Trail related to nature-based/transportation activities such as bicycling, hiking, walking, and other similar activities. Links to additional locals, including highway bicycle lanes and designated bicycle routes on secondary roads may be added.
A huge education process is required to obtain acceptance of this type of project. Some of the grants are transportation oriented. Therefore, WLT will work with the DOT and county road commissions to develop safe and efficient alternate means of transportation routes. The trail route and construction will have to meet all current laws, which require WLT volunteers to maintain a working knowledge of legislation that affects the trail. Since this trail will be over forty miles long, there will be many landowner issues that have to be addressed. People are concerned with the impact a trail will have if it passes through or near their property. Public and private meetings moderated by WLT personnel are a major means of educating the public and developing support. Grant writing is a major percentage of the current and future effort. Due to the maximum allowable funding per grant, WLT will have to write at least six grant applications for public funding. Other grants will also be applied for as WLT reaches out and educates other organizations on the benefits of this trail system.
Other educational opportunities exist with this trail system. Current plans include birding and nature walk educational opportunities.